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Long-Term Care Planning

As you approach your senior years, you need to answer a number of questions for yourself. One important question that many older adults are unfortunately not prepared for is to ask yourself, “Will I need long-term care?” While no one wants to imagine a time where they cannot take care of themselves, it’s an important thing to consider.

“Long-term care” includes many different types of care. And remember that nursing homes are not the only option you have. Long term care includes comfortable assisted living facilities, adult day care, continued care retirement communities, and in-home care by a professional caregiver. Knowing your options and costs for each option can help you get the kind of care you want and deserve.

A large percentage of seniors need some type of long-term care. For people who don’t require medical care but only help with housekeeping and companionship, in-home care is a good option. However, if your home is not accessible, you may want to downsize to a more manageable home.

Assisted living facilities are an excellent idea because of the variety of options available, depending on your needs. In addition, you have access to a community which means your social and companionship needs are also met. It is an important factor in senior health and care. You can visit an assisted living facility to find out the various options available and whether it suits your or your senior loved one’s needs.

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