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3 Treatments for Senior Depression

Senior depression may be difficult to treat because of the wide range of factors that may cause it. The options for treatment of senior depression may be more limited than those for younger people, mainly because of medical factors. However, here are a few successful approaches to easing senior depression.

Increasing social interaction

It is important to relieve loneliness and isolation in seniors. Psycho-social treatment can involve participation in conversations or group exercises on various topics. Interaction with others often relieves symptoms of depression. You can hire a trained home companion for your senior loved one, if you live far away. Assisted living facilities offer opportunities for social interaction and recreation.

Talk therapy

Talk therapy works for a lot of people. If an elderly does not suffer from severe depression, talk therapy may help them to deal with their symptoms.

Antidepressant Medication

If a senior is suffering from severe depression, it may debilitate them if it continues for a long time. So, it may be necessary to prescribe antidepressants. Once the symptoms ease, this can be followed with talk therapy and social interaction.

Talk to your senior loved one’s doctor, if you notice any signs of depression, such as a loss of interest in activities they enjoyed or reluctance to engage in routine activities etc.

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